“It’s a Miserable Life”

Episode 5 of Cave-In went up on YouTube yesterday: 

At the risk of sounding a bit pathetic, I’ve been watching it almost nonstop ever since. I don’t want to say that I’m enamored with the sound of my own voice (it may be true; I just don’t want to say it), but given the choice, I would much rather listen to myself than watch myself. 

My part starts at about 25 minutes in. This was the most enjoyable conversation I’ve had with Weldon so far. At approximately nine minutes, it is the longest conversation I’ve had with him by a wide margin. I kept expecting him to let me go, but he just kept talking to me, and it was great. 

It also felt to me like the most natural conversation that I’ve had with Weldon. I thought about what I wanted to say beforehand, as I always do to avoid the dreaded dead air, but then I had trouble hearing Weldon’s audio via YouTube beforehand (which I figured out later is because the headset that I use to talk to him only has one earphone), so that introduced a spontaneous element that I think loosened things up somewhat. 

5 thoughts on ““It’s a Miserable Life”

    • Thanks, Anne. I wanted to ask you how you felt about being compared to Charlie Brown’s teacher. I thought it was pretty funny, but I hope it didn’t hurt your feelings. For what it’s worth, I could understand you better when watching it without any headphones, just my computer speakers. Of course, it may have helped to have had Weldon providing context.

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  1. Weldon the I.T. (Irritational Therapist) guy at his wondrous best!
    The way he handles these sessions is a miracle — he makes every call sound great! — and any technical glitches just add spontaneous fun to the mix.
    I think i can feel his character getting more rounded up with every episode… or maybe it’s his effect on my own? =) Well worth waiting for, either way!

    Happy New Year and All the Best in 2020 to everybody!!

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  2. Hey Mary/all,

    Once again, apologies, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on reading and feedback here, but in this case, I’ll be quick. As “Cave-In” Ep. 6, the new year’s first, streams tomorrow (*now today,), I knew I had to return to finally address Ep. 5 (*I would’ve prior to were it not for unforeseen, misery-inducing delays). Anyhow, I always say it, Mary – and it’s because I sincerely mean it – your call to Weldon was enjoyable (*glad you thought so, too!). You always bring about refreshing and fascinating topics; that said, sorry to hear about the mail burden left to you by the previous homeowners (*having mentioned that, I think I should get myself a rubber stamp too, though purely for the fun of it), sympathies with respect to what the choir did as well…way to “accentuate the negative”, though, as you said – fun to hear, overall. The conversation flowed smoothly, like those before, between humble you and unpredictable, yet genuine Weldon, it becomes increasingly mellow and laid-back with every episode.

    Anne, it was a thrill to hear you all the same, yours was the first call from Europe if I’m not mistaken (*how convenient in that Mary’s call followed, and she was able to explain that you both (virtually) know each other – the troll’s facial expression after hearing that…priceless!). Consequently, you’ve piqued my interest in authentic pommes frites! With that, a brief comment on the mid-episode sketch; in Weldon’s/the angel’s Bollywood-infused version of “Deck the Halls”, I caught the following line – “makes me want to have a taalee (?)…” — now this incorporates a Hindi word, and while I understand the Hindi language, I’m not totally sure whether he said, “thali” (a large, round plate on which food is presented, typically in South Asian, esp. Indian culture – or the spread itself, consisting of small portions of various, typically vegetarian items — if this is the case, it makes more sense), or “taalee” (clap, or clapping/applause) – either way, it made the sketch somewhat more relatable for me, figured I’d share that. Moreover, how touching that the stream closed out with a tribute to Caroll Spinney. Speaking of closing out, I’m ecstatic for tomorrow’s Cave-In and look forward meeting everyone here and throughout on Discord again – Mary, once more, thanks for your insights, I should be able to wrap up on feedback for a few more “FOLM” posts this weekend, keep ’em coming – until then…


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