A Little Tribute

Happy birthday to the best puppeteer I know and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. 

This is not the tribute I wanted to make. It’s much more poignant. But for me to be able to make the tribute I want to make, I needed to learn some things doing this one. Plus, this is something that I think is important for people to see. 

And by the way, Steve’s new and improved website is back up: Same URL, lots of new content (well, new to us). It even includes a blog so we can pick up approximately where we left off on Muppet Pundit. Check it out at stevewhitmire.website.

It’s Steve’s birthday, but he gives us the presents.

3 thoughts on “A Little Tribute

  1. Hi, haven’t spoken here in a while, but I still visit often. Hope you’re well. This is a very moving and heartwarming birthday tribute to Steve, and what song could be more perfect than “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas? The fact that you so generously incorporated that, knowing it’s one of his favorites, makes it all the more emotional, such that, I think I genuinely felt it when he started speaking at the 1 min, 25 sec mark. Thank you so much for this beautiful homage. I think I agree with you when you say, it being Steve’s birthday, we’re the ones who’ve been given (and likely, will continue to be given) the gifts – the timeline alone, on his new website is a treasure trove of them…until then, see you both in a few hours.

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    • Hi, Saba! Thanks for reading and thanks for the nice comment. I tried to choose material that would evoke some good memories for Steve, as well as some that maybe he hasn’t seen yet.

      Ironically, “Dust in the Wind” was not my first song choice. Originally, I wanted to use “Carry On, My Wayward Son” but realized that it wasn’t a good match tonally. It was only then that I thought of “Dust in the Wind” and realized that it was a better choice because even though it’s poignant, there is also a silly Muppet connection to it (Steve’s doing, of course).

      I am doing very well, thank you. See you tonight, and hope you get to talk to Weldon if you so choose.

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