Let Me Be Your Birthday Song

Happy birthday to Steve Whitmire and Jim Henson!  Steve, this year you get top billing; I don’t think Jim would mind.  🙂

I’m sure there are probably other examples of Jim and Steve singing together in harmony, but I can’t think of any of the top of my head, and it doesn’t matter because this one is probably the best anyway.

Jim Henson said in the “Down at Fraggle Rock” documentary, “Cantus is one of my favorite characters on Fraggle Rock, probably because I do him. ”  To which I say, “Hey, he’s one of my favorite characters too, for the exact same reason!” 

This video also features a bonus scene from Murray–who is, to me, one of Steve Whitmire’s greatest and most underrated characters.  I just love him; one of the great “beat” or “hipster” characters in the Muppet pantheon. 

(That last sentence probably revealed me as an irredeemable “square,” didn’t it?  *sigh* Oh, well; I gotta be me.)

Together, Cantus and Murray represent the duality  in Jim Henson’s work that I discussed previously, with Cantus representing the abstract and intuitive, and Murray representing the concrete and rational.

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