Keeping the blog tidy

“I’m the butler; I like to keep the kitchen tidy.”

                       –Wadsworth (Tim Curry) Clue (Jonathan Lynn, screenwriter)

I finally figured out how to use the “Read More” tag in my blog posts so that the longer posts appear a more manageable length on the main page of my blog.  I think that this helps the main page look more “tidy,” and perhaps a bit more professional, but I’m interested in your opinions.  

What do you think of the “Read More” tags?  Do you think they make the blog look more tidy, or would you prefer to see the lengthier posts sprawled all over the main page?

I’d appreciate whatever feedback you may have.  Thank you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Keeping the blog tidy

  1. I’m mildly disappointed that this post didn’t contain a few extra long, rambling paragraphs in order to demonstrate the new feature. 😀 But I’d say I like the neater look.


    • Well, I’m sorry I wasn’t more verbose for you, then. 😀 😉

      I was tempted to say some more about the movie “Clue” and how it was my first exposure to the genius that is Tim Curry, and how I used to watch it as a young child in spite of the fact that I only understood maybe 5% of what was happening. Oh well.

      Anyway, I think I like the neater look too. I think it’s nice to give the casual reader a chance to pick and choose what they want to read instead of just pummeling them with paragraphs.


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