Right-Hand Man

I want to share a moment of levity, but I also want to make a semi-serious point:

If there was ever an appropriate context for someone to throw paper towels at someone else, this would be it.

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a 38-second YouTube video worth?

If Steve were really the type of person who would use his status as Kermit’s performer to lord it over other people and aggrandize himself, do you really think he would deign to perform right hands?  Really?  Is there any more undistinguished, thankless task in the world of puppetry?  Wouldn’t such a man be more inclined to hog the spotlight and try focus all the attention on himself and his own characters?

Moreover, if Steve were really the type of self-important, unreasonable, hostile diva that people have made him out to be, do you really think that his reaction to somebody accidentally dumping a bottle of water in his lap would be to laugh hysterically with the person who did it?

This is supposed to be a man who goes around making “outrageous demands”?  Please.  He didn’t even demand a towel with which to dry himself off, which is an altogether reasonable demand to make under the circumstances.  

These two pictures just don’t match up at all.

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