Speaking of The Dark Crystal…

Back in 2013, JHC hosted a contest to write a story (or part of one) set in The Dark Crystal universe.  The winner got to write an entire novel set in The Dark Crystal universe.

I entered the contest.  I didn’t win. 

At the time it was kind of a bummer, but I knew it was always going to be a long shot, seeing as I came relatively late to The Dark Crystal and its mythos (although I went out of my way to do my homework on it and try to make up for lost time).  The thing that really bummed me out about it was that the stories that weren’t finalists or editors’ choice selections didn’t get any feedback, so I don’t know what they thought of it.  I mean, I can construe from the fact that it didn’t make it into the next phase of the competition that they didn’t love it, but whether that means that they merely liked it, or hated it, or were too bored by it to even form an opinion, I have no idea.

In retrospect, however, I’m glad that I didn’t win the contest, because then I would have been beholden to the Hensons and wouldn’t be able to speak out as candidly on their involvement in the Schism as I have been.

And yet, as long as I have this blog, and a small but interested audience, I was thinking that maybe I would post my story here.  That way, you could read and (hopefully) enjoy it, and I could finally get some feedback on it.

So if you’re interested in reading my Dark Crystal-inspired story, leave a comment, and if there’s enough interest, I will post it. 

Incidentally, here is something I wrote at the time regarding my process, in which I did some intertextual thinking about The Dark Crystal and Harry Potter and decided that the Mystics are a race of Dumbledores and the Skeksis are a race of Voldemorts.

One thought on “Speaking of The Dark Crystal…

  1. i get so frustrated when I want to share something you write on Twitter, because then I remember you are not on Twitter. Your story you wrote was just a beginning to the actual story, because you were still thinking, were you not? Either way, on Twitter they have a section for Moments, of which I have 8. The latest is this one, Muppets – Puppets – Puppeteers https://twitter.com/i/moments/971250112293998598 Puppets are my passion. My favorite puppets host performers who brought them to life. Here on Twitter, I’ve been privileged to meet several who opened the doors to interaction with puppeteers and friendship. Please enjoy these moments. ………………….Mary, one of my friends worked on The Dark Crystal. He’s retired now, due to severe multiple medical conditions, he’s shared much with me. Right now he’s on break from Twitter due to a relapse, but I can still share his Tweets. Mak Wilson is an amazing Puppeteer and CGI specialist, as well as assisted Steve Whitmire, among others in the operation of Kermit in Muppets Most Wanted. His list of accolades is long. I wanted so badly to be able to share all your posts on My Twitter Moments along side greats such as Mak. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Mak_Wilson


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