Minor and MAJOR News

A few items of interest:

  1.   I decided that my domain name should reflect the name of my blog, so I added the domain name “frogoflamancha.blog.”  The “frogquixote” URL should still work, however.
  2.  I joined Twitter, so you can follow me @frogoflamancha.  My intention is to use it as a tool, not make it a way of life; we’ll see how that goes.


Now for the major news:

I don’t know if anyone else has tried to access Steve’s blog lately.  When I try it on my PC, I just get an error message, but when I tried it on my laptop, I got a maintenance page with the following message:

Hey All!

Things are changing, and I’ll be back ASAP.

Thanks for checking in,


So it’s a bit vague, and I don’t know exactly what he means by “things are changing,” but it certainly sounds as though, after these six long months, he’s finally getting ready to come back to the blog!

I’m not sure this warrants a full-on Kermit flail but it’s certainly cause for cautious optimism.

I don’t begrudge Steve the right to do whatever he wants with his blog, but the unfortunate consequence of him absenting himself when he did was that he had just banished the troll(s) from the comment section, and reading the comments had become infinitely more enjoyable.  So I’m hopeful that not only will we soon be enjoying more stories and insights from Steve but also having pleasant conversations in the comments section again.

My own words are insufficient to express my emotions at this development.  Take it, Wembley:

3 thoughts on “Minor and MAJOR News

  1. I have a feeling he’s having the blog changed into a full-on website to promote himself a bit like Andrew James Spooner has done. Videos showing off past accomplishments and stuff. It makes sense if he’s going to start doing conventions and stuff.

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    • Hmmm…I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. If it’s best for him, that’s all that matters. It would be a shame to lose the old blog posts and (most of) the comments, though. I hope he preserves them in some way.


  2. As you know I’m with you on Twitter. I have a lot of followers so if you send out something, tag me, so I do not miss your posts. I check the Muppet Pundit site about every two weeks. This time, thanks to your prompt I was able to get the same message. Before this, all the original posts were there. Not certain if the site is registering me subscribing, because it kind of stops there after hitting the submit button with my e-mail to Steve. Now we continue to wait with the same patience we’ve held in our hears during his absence. Thanks for the heads up, Mary. HURRAY!


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