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  1. I Stand with Frank in what he said, and I do believe he made this statement for a reason. The kids of Henson have let Jim’s Legacy slip away. The inner core from the original Muppeteers are doing every thing possible to bring back what has been lost. Some had to leave the fold, either due to death or unfortunate misunderstandings, while others still Believe, despite their aging, that Jim’s Legacy can still be recovered for it is still Alive! This Documentary is just what we needed right now.


    • I agree. And also…I plan to expand more on this later, but I think people expect too much of the Henson kids. I think people kind of expect them to be Jim clones, or Jim reincarnated. It’s not fair to the kids or Jim. Temperament and personality aren’t necessarily inherited. My parents are very similar in temperament to each other and very different in temperament from most of their five children. As much as I love my parents, I’m not similar to them in personality at all; they’re practical, down-to-earth people, and I’m a fanciful, head-in-the-clouds person.

      Yet there’s no question of me being secretly adopted, because I look just like my maternal grandmother. 😉

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      • Truth you state, for no two kids are alike, plus one cannot expect the children of any of us to see things eye to eye, yet It’s unfortunate that statements were made in frustration during the upheaval, without realization of what the repercussions would mean later for the Muppets, in general. I’ll await your next expansion. You have the helm and understand what’s been happening.


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