Why I Like Twitter

Last night I wrote about why I didn’t like Twitter.  Specifically, I don’t like being notified that other people like it when somebody is mean to me.  I said it was like being kicked repeatedly in the shins by total strangers and not being able to defend myself.

Well, that was yesterday.  Today I like Twitter.  


Frank Oz Likes Me (on twitter)

Because Frank Oz, coauthor of all my fondest childhood and adolescent memories, liked a reply I made to him. 

Which means that now both Ernie and Bert know my name, or have (at the very least) acknowledged my existence.  My inner five-year-old is freaking out right now.

The fact that Frank Oz liked something that I created is like a talisman, an invisible shield against all the hateful little indirect digs that people have made at me the last few days.  Their “likes” toward my adversary stung me like falling icicles, but while falling icicles can cause damage, they are powerless against the light of the sun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go scream and faint repeatedly.  😀 😆

2 thoughts on “Why I Like Twitter

  1. While you are away fainting and screaming, I share with you that I know exactly how your feel. I’ve interacted with many of my childhood dreams here, and they are pretty much great people. I do not always hit the heart button, because it it may literally give the impression that I love the subject which I may detest. Better not to reply or to leave it alone.


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