Steve Whitmire visits Fanboy Expo

via | Puppeteer Steve Whitmire visits Fanboy Expo

Steve gave an interview to a local news team in Knoxville, Tennessee while he’s there for the convention. It’s a nice little interview; the hosts are very gracious, and Steve seems relaxed and happy. One of the interviewers refers to Steve “voicing” characters but later asks about the specific challenges in puppetry, so I’ll forgive it.¬†The other interviewer asks Steve about his future plans, and he says he’s working on “a few projects” in Atlanta but doesn’t get any more specific than that.

Steve is also scheduled to appear at Gen Con in Indianapolis in August, and the description for one of his events¬†implies that he’ll get more specific about his future plans and mentions the possibility of a “debut.” The reason I bring this up…it’s not set in stone yet, so don’t get overly excited, but I have tentative plans to attend Gen Con myself in the interest of seeing Steve, and Caroll Spinney as well.

Like I said, it’s by no means definite at this point, but if I do get to go, I will of course report here on all that I see and hear and learn once I get back.

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