“Don’t You Know I’m Just Human?”

If you recall, I had mixed feelings about the possibility of entering this contest, but then it was revealed that the winner gets to pick the songs. That, the possibility of meeting Matt, and the fact that the money goes to support a good cause rather than lining Disney execs’ pockets made the prospect irresistible to me. 

It may seem like I’m putting the cart before the horse, but if indeed I get to sing with Kermit, I want to go in prepared. So I put together a potential playlist.

It was more difficult than I would have anticipated. First off, I don’t know if there’s a limit on the time or the number of songs one could pick. Second, I had to pick songs that I can sing, so nothing in too low or too high a register. Third, nothing too suggestive (this is Kermit, after all, not Phil or Goofer 😉 ). Fourth, I wanted to pick defiant songs to kind of stick it to Disney, but I also didn’t want to pick anything too pointed for fear of Matt misinterpreting the motive behind my selection and having his feelings hurt; in fact, this was such a big concern of mine that it strongly informed my first song choice. Fifth, I tried to pick songs that I really like, particularly songs that are not common in karaoke repertories so I don’t get to perform them often; hence the two show tunes. Sixth, I tried to find a good balance between upbeat numbers and more sedate songs.

Ultimately, I came up with seven songs that I feel meet my criteria. If you’re curious, here’s the playlist:

So I entered, and we’ll see what happens. Now it’s entirely in the fickle hands of fate.
If anyone else wants to enter, the contest ends on September 20th.

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