Back From OCon–BEST DAY EVER!!!

Right now I don’t have a lot of time to describe my experience at OCon, but I wanted to say that I went there, and I met Steve, and IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I could tell you that Steve was nice to me, but “nice” doesn’t really do it justice. Take everything you’ve ever heard about how nice Steve Whitmire is and multiply it seven times seven times. That’s how nice he was to me.

He literally treated me like a VIP. He gave me a hug when he met me, he let me hang out at his table, he gave me an autograph for free, and he recommended my blog to a whole room full of people. 

Speaking of which, if anyone who also attended OCon is reading this and has/finds pictures or video of the event related to Steve’s appearance, I’d love to share that stuff here. You can use the “Contact” link to send me an email, or you can tag me on Twitter (@frogoflamancha) or Instagram (@mary_arlene_flm)

Thanks, everybody. I’ll post about the rest of it as soon as I can. Watch this space. 

4 thoughts on “Back From OCon–BEST DAY EVER!!!

  1. I just wrote you on your Twitter messenger, in response to all you shared there this day. You are our perfect representative, to have had the chance to meet Steve Whitmire. Everything you shared, here is how he is. Can’t wait to read your next update. This is our window to the world .


    • Thank you, Anne. Your words are extremely gratifying. At the same time, it is strange to me to be regarded as a “window to the world” because, as a South Dakotan, I often feel rather isolated from it.

      This is less true with the advent of the internet and since moving to Sioux Falls, but the feeling is still there. It sometimes feels like, not so much a glass ceiling, but a glass wall. I kind of feel like I somehow passed through the TV/computer screen and into my childhood fantasies, but the whole time I kept thinking, “How did this happen to a humble South Dakotan?”


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