Men in a Tub Interview Steve Whitmire

But first the bad news: I’m having some sort of issue with my left wrist, so trying to lay off typing for a while, which means a delay in the rest of my OCon saga. 

And now the good news: Whatever was going on with my wrist last week seems to have resolved, so I can now talk a little bit about this interview, although I don’t have that much to say about it.

I really appreciate that this interviewer purposely tries to delve into the more obscure stuff. I mean, I knew that Dreamchild exists, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it before. 

However, I don’t like the fact that, when searching for stock Kermit images, they decided on a screen grab from the first Vogel!Kermit video. I imagine that it wasn’t intentional, but now it seems like Simula-Kerm is looking over Steve’s shoulder and mocking him. I wonder if Steve noticed what graphic they were using at the time. 

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to scour YouTube for more videos or other content from OCon. If anyone has any or knows of any, please let me know. Thanks. 

2 thoughts on “Men in a Tub Interview Steve Whitmire

  1. I will read this after I share that I’m typing on 2 fingers! Two months ago I had a severe fall and sprained my right leg from knee to ankle. Have been in bed healing.

    Two days ago, I awakened with pain in right and left wrists, Think it’s from doing mini bar bell exercises to strengthen arms for crutches. I type constantly, which does not help.

    Then, A puppeteer / choreographer friend took a fall and sprained her knee, and she too was in bed. Gonna love this. After surgery, she’s still healing.

    Then, my daughter’s boyfriend fell off a ladder last week and has to have wrist surgery on Tuesday for shattered wrist.

    Getting the picture? Either I’m an empath, or something crazy’s going on in my inner circle.
    Take it easy on your wrist… baby it, Ben Gay, cold or hot packs and pain killers – above all ask doctor if you need additional. One finger type if you got to.

    Now to read and listen to your wonderful post…Steve will understand, and so do I. There’s not a puppeteer or writer out here who does not get neck, arm, and wrist pain.

    OUCH THIS HURTS We Love you. …..


    • I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune. I was out of town over the weekend and refrained from typing anything for two days. Wrist seems to be feeling fine now. Take care.


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