Brief Footage of Steve Whitmire’s OCon Q&A

If the pattern holds true, it looks like the full video of Steve’s OCon Q&A may be going up within a few weeks. I don’t know for sure that that is the case, but they have full panels from last year that went up in early September, so that’s reason to hope. 

Because my memories of the Q&A are so sketchy, even with my notes, I’m going to hold off publishing my impressions of it for now. 

To tide us all over in the meantime, I found this highlight reel of the days’ events. A few moments of Steve’s Q&A, sans audio, are shown at about 43 seconds in: 

I looked to see if I could see myself in the background of any of these clips, but I didn’t, not at the Q&A or in any of the other footage.

Couple of other brief observations, one of which is Muppet-related. 

At the beginning of the video, there are two life-sized R2 units depicted, and that reminds me of a story about them that I didn’t know where to work in until now. I don’t know about the technology behind them that made them work, but they rolled along under their own power, and in addition to making R2 noises, they also played music. At one point, one of them rolled past Steve’s table playing “Mahna Mahna,” which I felt was very appropriate. 

And it’s not Muppet-related or Steve-related at all, but at one point I walked past the woman dressed as Mary Poppins (another of my childhood icons), and told her that I liked her costume. She responded in the most Mary Poppins-ish way possible: She didn’t say anything to me, but she looked back over her shoulder as we passed each other and gave me an enigmatic smile. 

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