Weldon’s Instructions for Surviving a Pandemic

New Cave-In on March 27th at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. 

By the way, I kind of make a “cameo” in this video at 51 seconds. Not me myself, but my avatar. 

I don’t intend to go on about the current crisis because (A) I know that’s not why you’re here and (B) I’ve reached a saturation point where I can only deal with it in small increments. 

But I just want to say, I hope everybody reading this is okay. Keep well and safe, and for goodness’ sake and your own sakes, only listen to information and take advice from reputable sources, such as the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins or the World Health Organization.

6 thoughts on “Weldon’s Instructions for Surviving a Pandemic

  1. Bless you AND everyone during these trying times. I’m going to be there for CAVE IN !!!. i already am bunkered in, and live in a cave. I have a mean cold, but it’s not the biggie.which has us forced into submission. Virtual Hugs to all.

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    • Et cum tu spiritu, Anne. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. Is this the same cold you had when you were talking to Weldon last month?

      I actually came down with a cold during the last week of February, so I was getting over it just as the situation was escalating. I was pretty well recovered in about a week, but had some lingering phlegminess that made me cough. That’s not unusual for me after a cold, but once I found out that the virus (the “biggie,” as you call it) was confirmed in South Dakota, I stayed inside for the better part of a week, less for my own protection and more because I didn’t want to be coughing on people and have them shoot me the evil eye over it.

      I feel back to normal now, and apart from occasional supply runs, I don’t really HAVE to go out at all. I’m lucky in that I already work from home, so social distancing is not really a hardship for me, and I have plenty to keep me busy. If I have to go out to combat cabin fever, SD state parks are still open (not the visitors’ centers, but the parks themselves), and there’s one less than 10 miles from my house. So apart from missing out on my weekly bar trivia and the constant news coverage and online conversations about it, my life has hardly changed at all.

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  2. My son works from home too. It makes for bunkering in a whole lot easier. The cold I had last month, was a baby compared to this one. In Europe the colds are often like walking pneumonia. Everyone knows they last for at least 6 months. My friend brought it home and now it will not leave us alone. Ugggg. We are done with the meds, it is very resistant. Cough drops and hot tea do the trick. Hope Steve is keeping out of harms way. We do ot want Weldon to catch anything from him.


    • Now that you mention it, I am very concerned about Steve. As you know, because you also follow his Instagram, he’s supposed to go to a comic con in Texas in a couple weeks. I’ve been surreptiously watching its website, and as of now it looks like it is to go on as planned, even though it would be much more prudent to cancel or reschedule.

      I know, because I’ve witnessed it firsthand, that Steve takes precautions (i.e., hand sanitizer) when meeting people and shaking their hands, and clearly he knows how to take care of himself because he just made a whole video about it. Nevertheless, I really hope they end up cancelling the comic con, but I feel kind of guilty for hoping it because I know how disappointing it will be to the people who were looking forward to attending.

      The city where that comic con is taking place is not far from where my oldest brother and his wife live in Texas. His wife’s a big Muppet fan, and I wanted to encourage them to go and say hi to Steve for me. But my brother has underlying health issues, and with the current state of things, I don’t want him anywhere near such a large gathering of people.

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      • You will probably get your wish on the cancellation as most huge events are biting the dust. I believe Steve will know better than to try to travel before the bans are lifted. Now we pray for everyone to keep safe. Much love to you and your family


        • Oh, they rescheduled it for November and didn’t put it on their website for some reason. Whew! That’s a load off my mind!

          Anyway, the same to you and your family. I may have to finally bite the bullet and join Facebook just to stay in the loop. I’m the one holdout in my family, and they don’t always remember to update me via email. Didn’t even know that my nephew made it into All-State Band until my sister informed me that he was disappointed that it has been postponed indefinitely.

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