Cool Aunt

My sister has three kids, and from the time each of them were in their cradles, I’ve been giving them Muppet-themed gifts. 

About a year and a half ago, I gave them a Muppet-related Christmas trifle. My niece, who’s nine years old today, got very excited when she saw it. “I LOVE the Muppets!” she gushed. 

It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I just sat back and said to myself, “I’ve done my job.” 


2 thoughts on “Cool Aunt

    • Awww…congratulations to your daughter and Kermie.

      I’m not sure my niece knows that her birthday is the same as the date of Jim Henson’s death. I’ve never told her because I don’t want to cast a pall on what should be a happy occasion for her.

      I talked to her on the phone over the weekend for her birthday. There’s a series of biographies written for kids called the “Who Was…?” series, and she mentioned them when I asked her what books she likes to read. I asked her specifically if she’d read the one about Jim Henson yet. She said she hadn’t yet but it was on her to-do list.

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