Weldon ne parle pas français (Cave-In Episode 12)


You know what? Let’s skip ahead to the musical insert: 


So, Weldon’s fingers can suddenly move on the neck of his guitar, and I didn’t notice it at first because I expect people’s fingers to move when they play the guitar. Then I remembered that Weldon is a puppet and usually his fingers don’t move, and then I got freaked out. It was exactly the feeling I had the first time I noticed Lips’ fingers moving on the valves of his trumpet. 

So that was all very interesting, and then the vocals were just insanely awesome. It made me wish that Weldon could appear at JazzFest, but then I remembered that JazzFest got cancelled even before the pandemic, and I don’t know if it’s ever coming back. (It’s a Sioux Falls thing; I don’t expect you to get the reference.)

I wasn’t part of this episode, and if anyone is wondering, it’s not that I didn’t want to be. It’s that priority was given to people who hadn’t called before, or if they had, it wasn’t recent. I completely agree with that. I don’t want to become obnoxious by taking more turns than I should, and I imagine that if people wanting to call watch past episodes and hear the same people all the time, they might just think, “Well, it’s always the same people, so I shouldn’t bother trying,” which nobody wants.

Nevertheless, if I had known ahead of time that I could only participate in either June’s or July’s episode, I would have opted out of June in favor of July because I didn’t really have anything to talk about in June, and for July’s episode, I really wanted to talk about something legitimately miserable that’s happening here in South Dakota within a matter of days. Then again, though I’ve been anticipating the misery for months now, the thought occurs to me that it might be better to wait until after it has happened so that I can talk about it in concrete terms. And fortunately, it will still be timely at the end of this month if I can get in early enough to talk next time. Anyway, Weldon did answer a question of mine, so I wasn’t entirely absent.

Lélé’s attempt to teach French to Weldon was not only a highlight of the episode but of the entire series thus far. I can’t watch it without laughing even after seeing it several times now. It reminds me of a story involving two of my brothers, which I could tell but I’m not sure if it would be as funny to you as it is to me. It might be one of those had-to-be-there things. 

That reminds me; maybe Anne will favor us with a comment upon her story, which was actually a conflation of three different stories, as I understand it. 

2 thoughts on “Weldon ne parle pas français (Cave-In Episode 12)

  1. LOLOL! The French lesson… is unforgettable 🙂

    You know, thinking about that, i just realized — That’s it!
    In Weldon sessions, that’s what i keep coming for. That feeling.
    Grinning from ear to ear from start to the ending, chuckling half of the time, easy with guffaws, and totally enjoying every line — it’s so familiar. It’s becoming clearer to me with each new episode — that always-there feeling of good humor and fun and joy and quick wit which used to be the mark of original Muppet productions.


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  2. Mary, I agree with you. Weldon’s performance was magic, and yes his fingers moved.
    Also, if I could have spoken to Capt Ron- as I usually do, I would have known what was happening. All was silent, and suddenly I was in a private room back stage, as 8th to go live, Then again 7th to go live- for one caller could not get sound to work and had to drop out. ….I wondered what was happening. I had intended to tell the Capt I would go near the end or not at all to get some new callers in, but alas never spoke to him. Obviously I want to be there for our anniversary, but this is Steve and Capt Ron’s choice. ….the three separate stories, I have no Idea what happens next, for this was Weldon’s idea, and out front he was leading the story on the cuff, and I was answering him ad-lib.I should not tell what really happened for it may not be what he’s intending or not. We may drop the idea all together. LeLe’s is adorable, when she’s teaching Weldon French it is fabulously funny. I want to hear you on the show next week before me, please, yet if it goes the same as last week, I may not know what’s going on. May not be chosen at all…..

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