A Birthday Promise

Happy Birthday, Steve!

I didn’t really know what to do this year because, although it’s your birthday, I feel like we’re the ones who have gotten the gifts: Cave-in and the community that’s grown up around it, the talks you’ve given, and your engagement with the fans.

Ultimately, I decided that what I wanted to give you for your birthday this year is a three-fold promise:

  1. I will always support you as far as I am able.
  2. I will always respect your point of view, even if I disagree with it.
  3. If I do criticize you, it is always with the intention of being constructive.

By making you this promise, I want to demonstrate to you exactly where I stand, which is important to me as I continue to critique The Muppet Show. I respect both you and myself too much to just try to say what I think you want to hear rather than being honest about what I really think and feel.

4 thoughts on “A Birthday Promise

  1. Happy Birthday Jim and Steve!!

    Thank You for Everything — and most of all, for being there for us! There is quite an number of folks you made this world a more joyful place for.

    All the Best Wishes in the World!

    Andrew K

    Mary A, that goes for you too, (even though it’s not your birthday today) — Thank You for having this blog open for us. It makes it easier to breathe at times =)

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    • Aww, thank you, Andrew! I’m honored to be included in such illustrious company, and I share your sentiments toward them.

      By the way, I’m glad you commented because I’ve been meaning to ask you about Cave-In: What do you think of Trollbot being added to the mix onscreen? I seem to remember you commenting at the beginning that Weldon ought to have some sort of sidekick or something; was this what you had in mind? And how do you think it works?


      • Well yes — now that you mention that, it turns out i was thinking of something pretty close! Though to be honest, initially i imagined something minuscule with whiskers (probably not looking too much like Rizzo for copyright reasons) having more of an attitude, as to cause Weldon an occasional fit of exasperation here and there.
        But i suspect that would involve bringing in extra puppeteer to lend a hand, so more or less stationary Trollbot does work pretty well, i think… uhm, maybe some more fits of exasperation, anyway? =))

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        • Geez, I’m really grateful for everything that he did for us, especially the gifts that you just listed. I just posted my IG story dedicated to Steve and he loves it 🥲. I also sent a pretty long birthday wishes (more like a personal fan letter) privately on IG which he hasn’t read yet. At least I could finally expressed what I wanted to say to him from my bottom of heart as not just a fan but a friend from my part of the world ☺️.

          I wish my friend and I joined the fun too for this month’s episode but unfortunately, Discord has “cursed” us to not letting us talk when TrollBot appeared for our turn 😫. I’m trying to figure out how we can solve this issue which is apparently the most common problem for people on CAVE-iN who use Discord on mobile. Trollbot may be one of the factors that caused this issue but I honestly don’t want to blame the admins about this but I hope we can fix it ASAP.

          Anyways, I have plans to watch the original series Fraggle Rock for the first time since I’ve never watched it before as a kid which is part of my watch list apart from the Muppet Show which I haven’t finished watching yet (so far I completed watching season 4 and currently on season 5 but haven’t watched seasons 1-3). But I’m currently busy studying plus I have a research project module to do which consumes lots of time so I may not be doing that and being active on Discord. I was wondering if you’re interested in reading and critiquing on my upcoming research because I’m interested to learn from a different perspective so I can have new ideas and be motivated for me to be a better writer (talking about how long I’m writing this comment lol). I hope everything goes well with ease for my studies. ☺️


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