Sesame Sunday: Muppets talk to Olympic athletes

Okay, so a couple things you need to know about me:  I am not an athlete at all; generally speaking, I am severely disinterested in sports…except as it relates to the Olympics.

And of the Olympic sports, my favorite is figure skating.  I am a complete figure skating nerd.

So I’m completely geeking out about this adorable video in which some of my favorite skaters (and some I’m not familiar with) teach Elmo and Cookie Monster vocabulary words from the world of skating:

My first instinct when they asked, “Do you know what a Salchow is?” was to say yes, because I know that it’s a figure skating jump, but I couldn’t have explained it in any more detail than that.

And then they also did a lightning round in which they asked athletes from various sports a series of questions. 

One of the questions was, “Who is your favorite person named Steve?” and I have to wonder if that would have been awkward if somebody had said Steve Whitmire, or if they asked in the hopes that somebody would say that.  Now I wish I’d been there, because that would have been my honest answer.


4 thoughts on “Sesame Sunday: Muppets talk to Olympic athletes

    • I feel a little guilty about that, though, because there’s another Steve in my real-life circle of friends, and I him love dearly, but he wouldn’t be the first person who came to mind if I were asked the question.


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