Graphic depiction of the souls of Congressional Republicans

I’ve seen Muppet Christmas Carol more times this month than in the previous 25 years combined, and I’m finally warming up to it.  Nevertheless, I was struck by the fact that, notwithstanding the lyrics of the song, the Marleys’ dialogue suggests that they haven’t quite learned their lesson yet.

Doesn’t surprise me.  Didn’t Disney distribute this movie?  Events both recent and remote suggest that they haven’t learned their lesson yet either.  

As for Republicans in Congress, they may be able to delude themselves that they’re the last bastion of morality in a debauchèd quagmire of society, that they alone are compassionate, that they alone are for the common people…but I know the truth, and the truth is that they are nothing but a bunch of self-serving hypocrites and they will face a reckoning, whether it be in this life or the next.  

And I, for one, take comfort in the idea that they wear the chains they forge in life, chains that they make link by link and yard by yard.

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