Small Victory

If I have been instrumental in confirming or adding one friend to his country, I shall not regret the time I have devoted to that laudable purpose.
–Passage from Alexander Hamilton’s “The Farmer Refuted,” slightly reworked to fit the current context.

Sometimes when I post something that I think is going to be controversial, my conflict aversion kicks in and I actively avoid looking to see if it has garnered any response.

Therefore, even though it happened in October 2017, I just found out today that, even if I haven’t succeeded in changing any hearts or minds through this blog or my related efforts, I did manage to gain a concession from one of Steve’s most vocal critics on the Tough Pigs forum (I ordinarily wouldn’t like to use the forum’s name in an instance like this, but since I’m linking to it anyway, it seems a bit silly to be coy about it).

It may have been a small victory, but I nevertheless feel that it is significant.  It’s extremely gratifying to know that (a) all those years studying rhetoric–not to mention the student loans–have not been a complete waste and (b) my words have made a difference, no matter how small.

I believe in all of you.  Let’s go out there and keep making a difference.


One thought on “Small Victory

  1. It feels good doesn’t it, to gain a small victory. These are sometimes the ones most remembered.
    I strongly follow a show, for children, who’s motto is ‘A Furchester Never Gives Up’. The Furchester Hotel, of the Sesame Street Workshop is like Sesame Street, and is filmed in the UK, I have puppeteer friends who have made this come alive. Both have worked closely with the Henson’s, from the time of Jim, and one is retired now. Friends of Steve they are, but we discuss him not. It hurts. One day, I hope we can make him a household name again, between us… after Steve finds his footing once more.


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