I really needed some good news today…

…and here it is:

via Steve Whitmire’s Steppin’ Out in Knoxville – Just for the Halibut


Nevertheless, I feel sort of stupid.  Of course I know that there’s A Knoxville in Tennessee, but I didn’t know whether or not it was the ONLY Knoxville in the entire country.  I was hoping against hope that it might accidentally be Knoxville, Minnesota or something so that I could go, but alas! apparently not.

My geographical naiveté (and limited travel budget) notwithstanding, this has made an otherwise lousy day immeasurably better.  Just to hear something positive about Steve is incredibly reassuring.  I might well weep with joy.

2 thoughts on “I really needed some good news today…

  1. You and I both, on these subjects. When I left the states to go to Europe, I had no idea how big the world was. I was not the best at Geography in school. Thank God for Google Search Engine. I want news on Steve Whitmire, I’m going nutz, but this is OK. At this point, no news is still Good News. P A T I E N C E Any of these Knoxvilles close to you? Knoxville – West Virginia – America
    Knoxville – Tennessee – America
    Knoxville – Pennsylvania – America
    Knoxville – Ohio – America
    Knoxville – Nebraska – America
    Knoxville – Missouri – America
    Knoxville – Mississippi – America
    Knoxville – Maryland – America
    Knoxville – Kentucky – America
    Knoxville – Iowa – America
    Knoxville – Illinois – America
    Knoxville – Georgia – America
    Knoxville – California – America
    Knoxville – Arkansas – America
    Knoxville – Alabama – America


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