Steve at Great Philadelphia Comic Con

If you’ve been missing Steve as much as I have lately, have I got a treat for you!  Reader Andrew K alerted me to the existence of this three-part interview that Steve did a few days ago at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con.  Approximately 45 minutes of pure gold; a really pleasant, informative conversation that didn’t get into the controversial Schism stuff at all (not that I would have minded, but I know some people are tired of it).




HUGE thanks to Andrew K for alerting me to the existence of this treasure, and thanks to William L. Bozarth for recording the event for posterity and posting it to YouTube.  And thanks to Steve Whitmire for being awesome and doing conventions (still crossing my fingers that you’ll make it out to the Midwest someday…maybe?)

Enjoy!  😀

4 thoughts on “Steve at Great Philadelphia Comic Con

  1. I’m about to go crazy! This is like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Will listen, save and share. Checked Muppet Pundit several days ago, no changes. Blessing Steve, Andrew K, and your for sharing. Hurray!!!!!


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