Fraggle Friday: “Tree of Life”

“Beyond the Pond” is an underrated episode of Fraggle Rock that had the misfortune to fall between two exceptionally memorable episodes: “River of Life” and “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”  Having a similar theme to “River of Life,” but a considerably lighter touch, I think it tends to get lost in the shuffle.

At the moment, I’m really sympathizing with the Merggles because Sioux Falls has been invaded by the emerald ash borer.  I have an ash tree in my backyard, and now it is imperiled.

I don’t want my tree to die.

Granted, if the worst should happen, the consequences for me are considerably less dire than for the Merggles.  I will still survive, even if my tree doesn’t.  But my backyard faces south, and if that tree goes, I won’t have any shade back there whatsoever, just a ring of stones around an ugly stump.

There is a treatment available to protect ash trees, and fortunately, it sounds like it is relatively inexpensive.  I don’t like to use pesticides or poisons in my yard if at all avoidable, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

One thought on “Fraggle Friday: “Tree of Life”

  1. As it is late, I will watch this episode tomorrow. Mary, trees are a large part of my life, and the novel I’m currently working on with The Big Guy, features trees as it’s main characters. One day, I’ll share a PDF version with you, when it’s ready.


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