I’ve been keeping an eye out for more videos of Steve Whitmire convention appearances for two weeks now. I haven’t found any more complete panels yet, but I did find this compilation in which a little girl dressed like Harley Quinn (I think?) interviews a lot of people at the Florida Supercon, including Steve and the Spinneys.

It’s about a 23-minute video, out of which there are maybe five minutes total (probably less) in which she talks to Muppet performers. Unfortunately, these instances are spaced out throughout the entire video. If you’re like me and you don’t want to sit through the other interviews, I’ve provided timestamps and links below to the portions of the video that we’re most interested in: 

8:45 (Caroll and Deb Spinney)
17:17  (The question is, “What’s a lesson you learned later in life that you wish you would have known sooner?”)

God bless Caroll Spinney, the sweet wonderful man, who seems to be becoming more frail these days.

Because Steve mentioned The Wizard of Oz, and in keeping with my self-appointed role as unofficial South Dakota tourism spokesperson, I feel obliged to mention that the author of the Oz books, L. Frank Baum, used to live in Aberdeen, South Dakota (which is also where I went to college). There’s an attraction in Aberdeen called Storybook Land (not to be confused with Storybook Island in Rapid City, approximately 300 miles away), that has a whole section devoted to the Land of Oz. I’d like to be able to recommend it, but truth be told, I only visited it a couple times, once as a kid and once as a college student. I enjoyed it as a kid; I didn’t enjoy it as a college student, but that was because of the circumstances under which I visited and wasn’t anything to do with the attraction itself.


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