“From There to Here”

Even though I’ve been actively searching for more video of Steve’s convention appearances, I didn’t expect to find anything out of Gen Con so soon, since it just ended yesterday. And yet, even though I wasn’t looking for it specifically, I found one this morning. It’s not a Q&A this time, but it’s Steve giving an hour-long chat and telling awesome stories:


I’ll be honest with you; this one is a little bittersweet for me because I wanted to go to Gen Con, and I tried to go to Gen Con, but ultimately, I couldn’t afford the travel expenses to get there. So it’s a little poignant that I was supposed to be in the room where it happened, and instead, because of the portrait-like orientation of the camera, I kind of get a voyeuristic feeling of peeking in a window. 

Still, it’s wonderful that this exists and was posted so promptly after the event, so a big thanks to YouTube user Johnnie Watts for putting this out into the world. If I couldn’t be there in person, this is probably the next best thing.

In this one, Steve devotes quite a bit of time talking about his background and life before joining the Muppets, which I’ve often been curious about, so that’s especially interesting.

Another great thing about it is that it’s an hour long. A lot of these panels are an hour long on paper but actually only last about 45 minutes. Which makes sense that they would need some downtime to set up in between panels, but still, it’s nice to have that extra 15 minutes this time.

5 thoughts on ““From There to Here”

  1. Loved it! I think this is one of the best panels so far, Thank You Very Much for sharing! They mentioned this is his second panel at GenCon, let’s hope the first one will make it to youtube as well.

    As per Steve’s instagram, https://www.instagram.com/steve_whitmire/
    (thanks to aVeryBriefCameo from MC for posting the link),
    Steve also taught puppetry workshops classes at GenCon!
    So glad to hear that!

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    • You are welcome, and I will certainly keep an eye out for the first panel, as well. I believe that one was supposed to be a Q&A, which are also great, but it’s nice to see them mix things up a little as well.


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