“Long Story Short, Too Late”: Steve Whitmire at Raleigh Supercon

When Steve appeared at the Florida Supercon, I received a Google alert regarding video of a Q&A that he did there. Since Raleigh Supercon is run by the same organization, I was expecting another Google alert regarding Steve’s appearance(s) that weekend.

Unfortunately, that Google alert never came, but over the weekend, as I was watching some of his other comic con appearances, YouTube noticed and helpfully suggested this video of a Q&A out of Raleigh as something I might like. I had been looking for something like this through most of the month of August, but apparently it hadn’t been uploaded until the middle of September. 

The same moderator from the Florida Supercon is back again, although he only interviews Steve for about 10 minutes before opening it up for questions, approximately half the time that he spent on the interview portion at Florida Supercon.

Once again, Steve makes vague references to upcoming projects but says it’s too early to talk about them in detail, which is fair enough. Someone asks him about the prospect of making a documentary film about him, and he says there’s a filmmaker in Atlanta who’s talked to him about it, so it’s a possibility. Intriguing!

He mentions reuniting with Alice Cooper in Raleigh and talks a lot about Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth, so much so that it makes me want to watch Labyrinth again, which is kind of a big deal because I don’t really like that movie, but I want to see specifically what they’re talking about.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away all the goodies, but I’ll just say that you’ll probably never listen to the Convincing John song the same way again after this. Enjoy!

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