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Usually WordPress doesn’t inform me what search terms people use to find my blog via search engines. Sometimes it does, however, and more than once people have found my site using the keywords “steve whitmire blog”.

While I’m happy to get the attention, I can only assume that those people are pretty disappointed to find out that this is not, in fact, Steve Whitmire’s blog, even though he figures prominently on it. So here’s my attempt to help those people out: 

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I’m sorry to tell you that it is not exactly what you’re looking for. I am a supporter and fan of Steve Whitmire, but I am not affiliated with him despite a very slight internet acquaintanceship. 

Steve does have a blog, but he hasn’t updated it in over a year. If you’d like to read his past blog posts, however, they’ve been preserved in the Internet Archive and can be accessed here. I believe all the blog posts are there, although some of the comments may be missing which, as you know if you ever had the chance to peruse his comment section, is sometimes a good thing. 

Steve does have an Instagram account where he posts fairly frequently about the convention appearances he makes and sometimes shares Muppety memories. If you’re looking for Steve on the web, I suggest you go there. 

Anyway, I apologize that I don’t have what you’re looking for, but I hope that you’ll take some time to look around anyway. My goal with this blog is to try to provide a perspective on the Muppets that you won’t find on other fan sites, so if you like the Muppets but have ever felt out of touch with the mainstream fandom, as I often do, chances are you’ll like what you see here. 

In any case, thanks so much for stopping by.


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