“Actual Footage”

Sometimes I see photos that people have posted on Twitter, and they’ll remind me of a Muppet song, so I make a joke about it. It’s happened three times now, which I think qualifies as a running gag, so I’d like to share my immense cleverness with you nice folks over here:

The first two were slightly more facetious, but that third one is, in fact, a picture of a literal, genuine Caribbean amphibian, so it really is actual footage. I guess a warm Puerto Rican lawn is where he finally stopped. 

(Unless it’s a she; it’s hard to tell from this angle.)

Also, eventually it’s going to be a moot point, but the reason my profile picture is Mokey at the moment is because the company I work for disseminated some trivia saying that January is “Change Your Profile Picture to a Muppet Month,” and I thought it would be apropos to participate. Fortunately, I found a really good Mokey pic for the purpose. 

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