Back to Louisville: Another Steve Whitmire Comic-Con Panel

Approximately two months ago (wow, really?), I posted an interview that Steve gave at the Supercon in Louisville around the end of November, I believe. This week (well, technically last week) I received notification of video of a panel discussion from the same event. 

Couple of noteworthy things about it: 

  • This panel took place shortly after the debut of his new character, Weldon. Steve talks about Weldon a little bit, but Weldon himself doesn’t appear, unfortunately. 
  • The entire panel lasts about 45 minutes, approximately half an hour of which is interview with 15 minutes of audience Q&A. It sounds like the audience was relatively small, which may be the reason why. 
  • Steve gives some insights specifically about performing Kermit, which is interesting because it kind of coincides with my most recent post in which I analyze and speculate about that, and also the newest 60 for 60 installment coming up on Sunday.
  • Both the interview and audience questions were kind of predictable, which I suppose is inevitable after watching so many of these, but I’m impressed by Steve’s ability to find new ways to keep telling the same stories.

I’m sorry for not sharing this more quickly after receiving the Google alert on it. I’ve had a busy/crazy week, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about it. 

5 thoughts on “Back to Louisville: Another Steve Whitmire Comic-Con Panel

  1. Was anyone else waiting for Steve to knock over that water bottle again?!?!
    Great Q&A – the way he demonstrated how he brought Kermit to life – the movements of his fingers. And I’m glad he explained how Rizzo works. I always wondered about that.

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