One Question and One Misgiving About The Dark Crystal Series

You’ve probably seen already that the final trailer for the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has been released:

It’s at least as impressive as everything that we’ve seen thus far. At this point, I’m left with only one question and one misgiving.

Obviously, this is a trailer, so the clips have been edited together. I imagine that it will make more sense in the proper context, but for now I am forced to wonder: Why are the Skeksis screeching and bellowing about their secret plans?

I’m sure the series will be excellent, and if I had any way to watch it, I would do so. The one misgiving I have about it is the fact that, because it is a prequel, we in the audience already know what will eventually happen. So even if things get better for the Gelflings in the short term, we already know that that’s only a temporary situation.

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