Michigan Publication Interviews Steve, Fixates on Voices

This last weekend Steve was at Michigan Comic Con in Detroit, where he was gracious enough to give an interview for a publication based there, taking great care to emphasize the puppetry aspect of his work and that he’s not a voice person. 

So of course, the entire written interview is all about voices, with the puppetry mentioned only as an afterthought. 

Therefore, I recommend the accompanying YouTube video of the interview over the written version. Even though it looks like it’s been edited down somewhat, at least Steve gets to express himself in his own words: 

This video is actually really exciting, though, because Steve explains a bit more about his live-stream concept with Weldon. This is information that Steve actually told me when I met him in Omaha, but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to talk about it, so I erred on the side of caution in not mentioning it. But now he’s expressed it publicly, so I guess it’s okay for me to talk about it. 

As I understand it, the idea behind the show is that people call in and talk to Weldon about their problems, and he responds by giving them terrible advice, all the while complaining about having to listen to them. He told me about this in Omaha, and I laughed out loud and thought it was brilliant and hilarious. And at that point, which was the end of June, he told me he was hoping to get that up and running at the end of August, and here it is nearly the end of August and he says that it is probably happening soon, so it sounds like he’s more or less keeping to the schedule that he set for himself. 

2 thoughts on “Michigan Publication Interviews Steve, Fixates on Voices

  1. Thank you Mary; this is what I wrote in response to Steve’s firm introduction of Weldon.during the interview…

    .This interview, is music to my hungry ears, having been following Steve Whitmire for some time – through the trenches- and seeing him about to emerge out of the tunnel into the new light. Those of us who have been through these days are anxiously awaiting his new website, and brilliant new character, with all the antics he’s got prepared to wow and entertain us. I mention dear Muppet expert Mary A, who has met Steve, and is part of our group. I trust her to give us all the wonderful news through Frog of La Mancha and to keep us abreast of the new show., Being on Instagram, I follow Steve and can’t wait for this to begin.

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