Steve’s Website Goes Live and Weldon’s Show Has a Title

At long last, here is Weldon in all his repulsive glory: 

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It’s nice to finally see Weldon, and I like his looks a lot, especially his hands and his weird little pointy teeth. 

I know that “doesn’t give a rat’s ass” is a common expression, but it also made me think of Rizzo. Poor, voiceless Rizzo.

I plan to watch the show, but I don’t anticipate that I’m going to be able to participate, at least not yet. Need to track down a microphone first. 

But the bigger and better news is that Steve’s website is live as of today. And it’s GORRRRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS! At the risk of seeming like an incurable sap, it’s so beautiful it made me feel like crying. 

A fair percentage of it is devoted to Weldon and his beautiful awfulness. This includes video so we get to see (and hear!) Weldon in action. He’s very funny, which doesn’t surprise me at all, but it is a bit of a relief. I particularly like the way his eyebrows move, and he sounds a little like Otis

Weldon also gets in a really clever dig against Disney, which is delightfully subversive. It’s not exactly subtle, but if you didn’t know the backstory or just weren’t paying attention, you might not grasp the full significance of it. 

Additionally, Steve confirms what he told me at OCon about incorporating a new blog in the same vein as Muppet Pundit, so that’s certainly something to look forward to. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give an exact timetable on that. 

There’s one line I’d like to pull from Steve’s website and respond to: 

Just as you have supported my work with the Muppets throughout the years, you have graciously continued to follow me as new chapters open in my life.”

With all due respect, Steve, I think that’s backwards. You’re the one who has graciously allowed us to continue on the journey with you. I can’t thank you enough for that, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend in the road. 

2 thoughts on “Steve’s Website Goes Live and Weldon’s Show Has a Title

  1. I’m so excited, and have been devouring the new website, laughing at the brilliance of the first guest on the show, and realize we are seeing history in the making. It’s like coming out of the darkness into the light.

    Weldon is absolutely delightful, and is about to become one of my new favorite puppets. I definitely hope he brings friends along for the show.

    Mary, are you doing happy dances all over the place?
    I too have no microphone. I need to look into to this..I fully agree with your final lines in this post and look forward to being a part of Muppet Pundit again; this time on a positive note with Steve launching a new show.


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