Soooooooo…What did everybody think of the shoooooooow?

Oh my gosh, you guys, that was so great! I laughed SO HARD the whole time!

I have to get a microphone, though, because I’ve got lots of miserable stuff I can talk about. And I have a background in theatre and improv, so I could kind of play along. It was so frustrating watching Weldon begging for callers with problems and not being able to participate. 

So, what about you guys? Did you watch? Did you laugh? Did you have sound problems? (I had to break out the headphones during the Dark Crystal parody as it suddenly went quiet. Was it just me?)

I’m all wound up now. Let’s keep it going! 

11 thoughts on “Soooooooo…What did everybody think of the shoooooooow?

  1. I loved it! It’s great to see Steve back in action even though he’s not with The Muppets.

    Hopefully the kinks with the sound and connections will be fixed before next time. I loved the Dark Crystal parody, perfect timing, too!

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    • Totally! Steve’s definitely in his element and firing on all cylinders.

      I loved the Dark Crystal parody (at least, what I could hear of it), but it was also really weird having heard Steve talk about being part of the original. It’s sort of self-parody, which can be really difficult to pull off. I think he managed it, though.

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    Even though i could not get my mic working, so watched the Youtube part only

    + Weldon the I.T. guy actually came out not as scary or mean as… uhm… many ordinary people on the web these days 🙂
    + The sheer ‘living soul’ quality of the performance… a rare treat
    + I could see/hear/feel traces of Jim, Frank and Jerry right there on screen… nostalgic bliss!
    + The titles after the performance… i wish i could rewatch these in slow-mo… lots of people working with Steve, and some very familiar names, if i’m not mistaken.

    Suggestions? Wonder if Weldon can somehow get a co-host either of snidely miniature nature or in somberly fallacious style, to interact with… just a thought 🙂

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    • You’re not mistaken! I got some advance intel in that regard at OCon, but I didn’t know if I was allowed to talk about it.

      Weldon the I.T. guy actually came out not as scary or mean as… uhm… many ordinary people on the web these days

      I agree with you. If I have a “criticism,” it’s that it seems that Steve isn’t always so good at pretending to be mean, particularly in a nonscripted format.
      (Which kind of puts paid to those persistent rumors of him being “difficult” behind the scenes, but I’m not interested in going there right now.)

      I could see/hear/feel traces of Jim, Frank and Jerry right there on screen… nostalgic bliss!

      Yeah; related to my last point, I feel that Weldon very much captured the spirit of affectionate anarchy that Frank always emphasizes.

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  3. i’m slightly out of sync here. You do not mean the call in last night but something else, right? Without a mic I could not be a part of it and I tried to hear what was happening, but could not be on the voice channel without a mic. Rules of the Troll Admin.

    The only other show I saw earlier on the new website-currently in production- was the little video Steve has on his site with a the hilarious comedy bit featuring Henry Winkler and Weldon. Fabulous music bits filmed earlier with Weldon singing and so on. What a great new character Steve has to work with. I love what’s happening.

    Don’t like feeling out of it, for like you, I’m used to being a part of things being from theatrical background. When they get the tech figured out for the call in Q and A, I think he has a winner. Can’t wait for Muppet Pundit. That’s more my speed for now.

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    • Anne, it took me a while to figure it out myself — when I went back to Steve’s new home page to double-check, there was the discord link and also a link to youtube (just url text, no picture). When i clicked on that, it took me to live broadcast session with Weldon. Turned out, people queued up on discord, waited for their turn, and Weldon was talking to them on youtube. I could not make my mic work, so i just switched to youtube session — it was a live broadcast, which disappeared after the end credits.

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        • This may be because you had proper Discord App installed from, as per Weldon’s instructions on Instagram. I didn’t — just browsed over there, and got only audio on discord,
          My mistake. I guess I must download the App before the next Weldon session! 🙂

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      • Bless you Andrew. This made my day. I felt so left out, especially after being told to leave the voice channel for I did not know where to go to hear everything, other than there. Alas, another day, I can try again. Hope to get a mic to connect to my PC for my birthday this month on the 20th.(Near Jim’s and Steve’s) May have to wait, because I am immobile due to taking a bad fall several months ago, and my leg is healing from bad sprain…


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