DragonCon Dispatch

Steve sat down at DragonCon with a guy named Crispy(?) for an interview. It’s a particularly good one, in my opinion. It must be the hometown advantage: 

It’s really great to hear Steve be able to speak freely about Weldon and explain that whole concept. 

I continue to entertain a hope that Steve might come to Siouxpercon in Sioux Falls someday (though probably not this year). I’ve often thought that if he ever came here, I would like to bring my niece and nephews to meet him. At the same time, however, I have legitimate concerns about how much fun it would be for them to meet a Muppet performer who’s not allowed to perform Muppets. 

This interview, however, strengthens my resolve to bring the kids to meet Steve if I ever get a chance, because if nothing else, they could discuss tractors with him. 

Still no indication as to when or if OCon plans to post any full panels from this year. Grr. 

4 thoughts on “DragonCon Dispatch

  1. Wonderful.to see Steve in his hometown element, able to be himself and to speak more freely. Weldon is becoming one of my favorite characters and I think we need to keep him in the forefront and back him to the hilt.

    I used to have a collection of miniature tractors, to match my wee farm I had set up n my living room. Once lived in a rural district when I was a volunteer firefighter and so on. It was primarily Farmalls with John Deere leading the pack. Those were the good old days when I veered to my past. My mom was a farm-girl, and my late husband wanted to be back in his old home town. What an experience.


    • Well, my niece and nephews inherited their interest in tractors from their father, who has an affinity for Farmall and an aversion to John Deere. Unfortunately, there tends to be more John Deere merchandise out there than anything else, so the kids have a lot of John Deere-branded stuff.

      But they know about all the various tractors. From the time each of them could talk, they could identify the make and model of any tractor on sight. It was remarkable.

      Oh, and by the way, you’re completely correct that we have to back Weldon to the hilt and bring him to the forefront as much as possible. Particularly since the mainstream Muppet fandom has thus far largely ignored him. Although, in the interest of fairness, in some cases it may have been an oversight due to the distraction of the Dark Crystal series premiering the same weekend. I remain skeptical, however.


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