In Case Anyone Saw the News and Was Worried:

I should also mention that that’s not a photo I took; it’s a screengrab from the Keloland website. Also, my milkweed plants will come back next year, so no lasting damage to my property that I am aware of. At first it looked like my milkweed plants were just broken, but now it looks like at least some of them have been pulled up by the roots, so I don’t know if they will survive to come back next year. I guess that’s all the more reason to keep trying to plant more. 

4 thoughts on “In Case Anyone Saw the News and Was Worried:

    • Thanks, Andrew! Had a chance to venture out and get a better look at some of the damage. In addition to some severely damaged trees in the neighborhood, a light pole came down less than a block from my house. I’m very lucky that the damage on my property was so mild.

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    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure how far the story would spread. It made the national news yesterday evening, which surprised me slightly.

      My sister emailed me yesterday morning and asked me to confirm that I was okay, and I copied the rest of my family with my response. My parents replied that they hadn’t even heard the story right away that morning, which surprised me because it made the Weather Channel, and my dad is kind of obsessive about watching the Weather Channel.

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