Lyrical Reminder

Tonight is a new episode of Cave-In, and I’m so excited I decided to make up a song parody about it: 

“Who is Kristi?” you may ask, “and why do you want to know what’s in her brain?” I don’t want to talk about it now in case I get the chance to discuss it with Weldon tonight, but if you look at my recent Twitter feed, that will give you several clues. 

Showtime is 11:29 p.m. Eastern; see here for additional time zone information: 

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Relentless troll…

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And if you’re international, I’ve still got you covered with this time zone converter. You’re welcome. 

12 thoughts on “Lyrical Reminder

  1. Hi Mary. Saw you backstage. Hope you got to speak before all hell broke loose. It was hard to hear, but some who were waiting were very rude. I did not get called, to speak, I believe because my mic was not too clear, but also I think something happened, not certain what it was, cause I kept silent.


    • Hi, Anne. I was going to ask you if you tested your mike beforehand, because there’s a way to do that in Discord. There’s also a way to deafen your headphones so that you don’t hear what’s going on in the voice channel. I can try to help you with those things if you want, but keep in mind that I’m not too tech savvy; I’m barely tech literate.

      I usually prefer to deafen the headphones in Discord while listening to the YouTube audio, because otherwise it’s too much for me to process, but sometimes Capt. Ronn uses the voice channel to ask who wants to talk to Weldon, so I was popping in and out listening for that. But this month he did that through chat, so I don’t necessarily know how it works.

      I did get to talk to Weldon again this month. I turned out to be the last caller, where last month I was the first. I guess that makes me Alpha and Omega. Hahahaha…just kidding, that would be blasphemous.

      I had to talk about the elephant in the room, the recent South Dakotan controversy. I had to, because last month I made a point about mentioning I was from South Dakota, not knowing that our governor was going to make us a laughingstock in the interim. So I had to talk about it to get ahead of the scandal.

      I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense now. It’s quite late here, and I probably have to work tomorrow, so I’d better go to bed. But let me know if you want help with Discord, and I’ll do what I can.

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      • I’ve been up all night, and was the first in the waiting room. Someone helped me check my mic and it was working fine there. I chose not to mute my headphones as there were several severe trolls there, cussing at everyone with racial profanities, including Weldon, claiming to do in the show. I just listened just in case Captain Ron returned. He did not, and then the show was done. Dunno why I was not chosen when he did the line up. I’m very sleepy. Congrats on getting to appear.

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        • Ugh, I’m sorry you had to listen to that. I think that’s the problem with making a show about trolls and trolling; people push things too far. Saba made a comment on Discord that one of the callers made “beyond nasty comments.” I must have missed that part, and I’m TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

          I thought that talking with Weldon about Kristi’s folly would make me feel better, and it did for a while, until I realized that by talking about it, I was just giving Kristi what she wants. She must really be a troll, and an expert one at that. That would explain why she tried to have all the hairstyles at once; she wanted to disguise herself.

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          • Agreed. I was concerned for Weldon (Steve) Which was why I stayed till the end. I know you have his ear, and I hope soon perhaps he too with trust me too. I gave up on being a caller, but felt very protective. I’m not a prude but wanted to be able to witness the setup. Hugs to you and those who are with us. We are troll experts, but these were not to swift at hiding their motives. Right before they as a group backed out of the waiting area, one, not certain whom said we all were ‘f……ked. mentioning all the names still in the waiting room as well as Weldon’s Finally, same one said, ‘Weldon is finished’ Wish I Knew whom, for they kept pushing their names to light up everyone so I could not single one out. What was strange thiere was also one in the room without a mic or headphones, and they were called ‘Silentone’ Then there was total silence as they signed off one at a time, as if synchronized. I waited to be the last. Kinda of felt all alone but at least I heard it.

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  2. Oh well, I had to miss it all again. The inserts clips they already posted are great — smart and funny!

    Shocked and saddened by the discord troll news. Gosh even on the trolls on Pundit were more picky with their vocabulary. Most unsettling of all, these individuals probably consider themselves muppet fans.

    I think it might be better for Steve/InPersonPro to run Cave-In sessions at daytime/morning. Late night does not work well for US and Europe, and we don’t see many callers from India so far. This might allow to have a dedicated mod on discord bumping any “we’re on it” guys offline.

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    Mary, Anne, everyone, I’ll warn you now, the main message here is long, so if you’re unable to read/respond immediately, it’s fine – I don’t expect you to that quickly, anyways, lol! Understandably, you may be busy. Basically, I revisited the above write-up Friday night, decided that I had to gather my own thoughts, wrote them down, and here they are (*, as I’m still without a blog of my own). This is (largely) about “Cave-In” Ep. 4, its accompanying incidents, and a suggested ‘troll eradication strategy’ (as you’re ready/comfortable) — *or, please feel free to skip to the “TL;DR”, if you like.



    Mary — first off, real quick – I feel bad for not saying “Hi” to you before the stream. People just kept typing message after message, I think you typed something as well, but I must’ve lost it right around when all was about to begin. Will definitely make sure to send a shout-out next time. Now, it was a pleasure you called in again, I’m especially glad you raised the meth concern – “Meth. We’re On It…” – on it, indeed. I don’t understand how someone can make light of a serious life/death matter, humiliating his/her state in the process. What exactly WAS Kristi thinking? Thankfully, you addressed it as intended. More power to you! Plus, we rarely ever hear Weldon discuss such sensitive subjects, so it provided for some refreshing closure (*also, for once, I wanted to hear a “normal” call in the livestream succeeding the prior insanity).

    Anne, hello! It’s been a while (I should’ve greeted you pre-livestream as well) – I’d seen your name in the wait line and had looked forward to hearing you. So sorry you were unable to call in. Here’s hoping that you’ll get to in the next episode. If anything, you deserved to talk to Weldon over many others. Having mentioned the above ‘insanity’ and now, those “others”,…I’m equally sorry that you had to wait among such obnoxious callers. I hate to remind everyone here of it, but I agree in that their repulsive behavior brings back memories of the ‘Muppet Pundit’ trolls. Mary referred in a previous comment to some messages I left toward the end of one Discord chat, expressing my frustration with them. The fact that they won’t allow a stream to execute smoothly particularly upsets me; their disturbances have, as I’ve now noted, taken multiple forms.

    Friday, Anne, you heard unwarranted language in the virtual wait area, I (and I couldn’t have been the only one,) heard one person unleash a storm of derogatory remarks in his (?) LIVE call (luckily, upon catching that, Steve/Weldon immediately cut him/her off), and in the chat…mercy! (*Mary, perfect timing that you shielded your eyes from it, it appears to have since been deleted), someone left some unspeakable and hurtful words geared toward a member of the “Cave-In” team, (a “behind-the-scenes” key figure also responsible for bringing the show to us!). Obviously NOT justified/condoned, it was likely done to elicit a reaction – and quite a reaction it got! Several individuals alongside myself asked Capt. Ron to ban the offender – class act mod he was, he took care of it at once. I don’t think he/she’ll be returning, at least let’s hope not! Regardless, that thug near brought out the worst/ire in me.

    All, following the breakdown of my observation(s), my intent was certainly not to take credit for or overemphasize my (very insignificant) role in barring the heckler from the Discord server. Believe me, last thing I want or even deserve is any praise. In fact, I’m still mad at myself, and even today, feel guilty about failing to defend Steve on his blog back then. I mean, I’d read his posts, but stay quiet (…and that was just cowardly…). In a way, witnessing the behavior of the bullies on Friday brought back that old guilt and reignited my rage. No one, and I mean NO ONE has the right to insult cast, crew, and callers/followers (depending on media) the way those pathetic, evil souls did! NEVER is it okay to disrespect anyone with that sort of offensive speech. Especially after all the time and effort they’ve invested, is that any way to repay the group? Evidently, the “Cave-In” Discord has a diverse array of callers and listeners; I strongly believe that it’s uncalled for to make anyone feel inferior in that kind of public virtual setting (*I think our own reasons and opinions somewhat become irrelevant the second we enter that atmosphere – *calling out the meth campaign problem was fine, though, Mary). I’m sure we can all concur that refraining from it is just common decency, right? On a side note, within said trolls’ (mainly the ones from ‘Pundit’) personalities partially lie Weldon’s origins, so they’re indirectly responsible for Steve taking and weaving together those traits to create a “new” character. Nevertheless, I say none of them (save for Steve) are worthy of our gratitude. As far as I’m concerned, banishing and blacklisting sound like sufficient fixes (and perhaps doxing in extreme cases (?))

    Mary, please, please forgive my lengthy rant. I might’ve over-conveyed the crux, and in doing so, further provoke(d) myself. I just worry that those trolls, plus callers whose calls put Weldon/Steve in awkward situations (the latter, even with good intentions,) will ultimately give us a bad name. Anne, you of course haven’t been on yet, but without even having heard you, I can say with certainty and a positive feeling that you and Mary might be 2 of the most “normal” (, respectful) callers that Steve will ever encounter throughout the livestreams, altogether. That being said, this ‘troll harassment’ problem overall is one I’m wholeheartedly angry about. Now I’m thinking we don’t even deserve “Cave-In”. SW (with team) works tirelessly on this show, probably puppeteering in uncomfortable positions (alongside raising his voice), remedying technical issues with Discord, taking unpredictable calls, traveling the country for promotional purposes, and painstakingly producing and editing new episodes for us month after month (*and that might just be only HALF of it), — when he easily could be relaxing or tending to actual, higher priority obligations. Pardon my French, however, he shouldn’t have to deal with this s**t! True, he’s doing so out of the kindness of his heart and to fulfill his promise to entertain us post-Muppets, but that does not grant anyone license to take advantage of his provided opportunities the way some are/have (*who could forget everything else he’s done for us over the years?). As a collective, I feel that we owe him our admiration, following, and support. Not too much to ask, is it? The point I wish to emphasize following this incessant venting; I don’t want us to lose “Cave-In” as a result of one (or more) person’s maliciousness, thus ruining it for the whole fanbase. In the same vein, I sincerely wish there was something I could do to stop it. No flattery, craving for recognition, or desire to become a “favorite fan” attached, I now genuinely want to compensate for my prior lack of ‘speaking up’…

    Hopefully, the above has sunken in. That in mind, I’m now contemplating forming a sort of “Anti-Troll Alliance” for Discord, if you will (,yet, without a solid plan). Not against the IT Guy (LOL!), but real trolls; a resistance similar to what ‘Pundit’ had (if you remember,) that would thwart offending/would-be culprits. I’d already been mulling over it before reading Anne’s “Pundit Plumbers” suggestion; very warming to know most of us Steve supporters think alike! I wouldn’t necessarily lead it, though, because for one, I don’t think I’d make a strong authority figure – two, it’s not my place to govern what/what not people say. At most, I can only discourage them for crossing a boundary(ies), but my purpose is by no means to control anyone. Ultimately, the Discord is for our much respected puppeteer and the mods to oversee, so it’s difficult to determine whether they (or other callers) would even be open to the idea, or how they’d prefer it handled if they were. Here, I simply thought I’d share it with you all and ask for feedback – to reiterate, I’ve passed it along and now you know…it would be meaningful, I figure, to do Steve the unreturned favor.

    In continuation, overlooking (most of) Ep. 4’s shortcomings, I’m rather pleased that my (Khan’s Wrath’s) viewer questions were answered (*the ‘ice has broken’, somehow, in other words). Further, Mr. K., thank you, sir, for sharing its YouTube link; if you guys haven’t re-watched yet, once you get the chance to, 2 of those questions made it into the final edit, one relevant to eating goats, the other, chocolate “type” preference ). A third in the original stream regarded what Weldon thinks (thought (?)) of Eddie Murphy’s humor/films, which he had answered — I definitely remember that he HAD answered it (*and it was the one I looked most forward to hearing his reply to)…he said that he didn’t think at all about him/his comedic style. Now, while I’m extremely grateful and ecstatic to finally be acknowledged, I don’t know whether to feel sad about him seemingly not liking the above comedian (*if it matters, I’ve recently watched/re-watched some of Eddie’s work, mostly old stuff – he’s become a favorite again), or that question being omitted from the video entirely…oh well, can’t have everything (*and at least it’s in my memory!). Aside, having mentioned all this, I wonder if SW would ever consider referencing his films for future ‘mid-episode’ sketches (said concept(s) doesn’t seem too far-fetched…).

    Finally, Weldon apparently thinks I’m a guy – I suppose that is my fault, though, as I chose a rather ambiguous Discord handle, “Khan’s Wrath” (*a brief nod to Star Trek – in reality, “Khan” is a surname (*of course, if you’ve seen my WordPress/comment handle, you’ll know), maybe I should’ve just gone with “Saba’s Wrath”, instead. There’s also, as now dubbed by the IT Guy himself, “Smarty Answer Police”, hmm…not a bad one). Honestly speaking, I think it’s funny…perhaps if/when I potentially call in I can surprise him first, only to “scold” him later for being wrong (and thus, THE troll will get the ultimate troll!). Anyhow, I apologize once more for my complaints and all this rambling, pretty much. In the meantime, while Steve has not announced the date/time for this month’s (?) stream, we shall continue to discuss the corresponding matters (*at your discretion and convenience, of course). All, many thanks for bearing with me, spending a few minutes to take everything in, and Mary, as always, thank you for gifting us with your insight into the Muppet, Henson, “Cave-In”, and all other encompassing worlds – until I return…

    End groan session-turned-speech


    Saba (‘s Wrath)

    *TL;DR : Mary, thanks for calling in again and discussing a grave issue relative to your home state, I’m happy for ya! Anne, long time, no talk – hope to hear you in Ep. 5. Sorry about Friday’s troublemakers (*I was indirectly bothered by them, too). I wish to make it up to Steve some day for being absent on his blog when trolls were present, thus, I’ve come with an idea (*please reach out in a reply, on Instagram (@instagwrath_of_khan), Discord, etc. if you want to discuss at length). Lastly, I finally got some shout-outs from Weldon in Ep. 4, and like everyone else, I’m awaiting an announcement(s) relative to Ep. 5. Thanks!

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    • Greetings Saba, you have written some brilliant thoughts here.

      Just watched Ep.4 Poor Steve. He did a great job, in spite of the mishaps. Mary, you were perfect. He addressed also many of your questions at the show’s end, along with some of yours Saba. This is fab. My meager question got buried in the mix. I’ll try to do better next time, to be more savvy..

      The outer trolls kept speaking over me when I tried to talk to Capt. Ron to volunteer to speak to Steve, after he asked who wants to go next? Now to run this anti-troll idea by you Mary and above all, Steve, plus Captain Ron. Mary, you have his ear, and I think he’d listen to you.

      Part of the reason that I don’t think I was well heard behind the scenes, in the waiting room was that when I said hello to anyone back there, I got little response except from one, who was the caller before Mary. This may be due to an old cheap mic. It had an echo, and not always could I hear well either when the Captain said the names of who was next in line. I’m hoping to get a new mic before Ep. 5 Thanks for taking the time to write all this. It helps, cause I felt a bit depressed over it all… Hugs Anne Terri

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