Minneapolis Dispatch

I’m sorry that I haven’t finished my account of GalaxyCon Minneapolis. Things are crazy, particularly with the Thanksgiving holiday. But to tide you over, I found this brief interview that happened there. I think this occurred on Saturday, the day before I attended. 

The Kermit that’s there on the table is a photo puppet that they used for photo ops and also to draw attention to the table. When I was there, someone asked Steve if it was the “real” Kermit, and he said no, it was a photo puppet that was a lot smaller. 

I didn’t notice the photo puppet’s arms shaking so much while I was there, but boy, they sure do shake a lot on this video. By the way, the display rack (or whatever you would call it) holds the puppet up but doesn’t secure it in place, so it tended to fall over whenever anybody tried to move it. 

It’s always fun to look at something like this and say, “Hey, I was there!” even though in this case I wasn’t there on the actual day. 

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Dispatch

  1. No need to apologize. You have every right to enjoy the holidays, Mary. I truly Love how you keep us informed and share treats, such as this video. Didn’t know there were photo puppets. Very interesting. Considering it’s a facsimile of Kermit, I’m surprised that they didn’t lock it down, for at a convention it could be easily pilfered.


    • That’s a good point, but there seemed to be someone always at the table. I imagine that they put it away when the table was unattended. It wasn’t there when we first approached the table; they brought it out later.


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