Get Sticky With It!

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Weldon here…Be there, and BE STICKY…

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I did some research, and apparently the terms “sticky bun,” “cinnamon roll,” and “caramel roll” are all interchangeable. But to me, (and this may not be a South Dakota thing but a uniquely Mary-thing), a pastry doesn’t qualify as a sticky bun unless it is dripping in gooey caramel.

5 thoughts on “Get Sticky With It!

  1. Looks like I’ll need to get out more, because prior to reading this, I swear I’ve never seen/heard the phrase “caramel roll”, so thanks again, I suppose, for helping broaden my food vocabulary, lol! Coincidentally, I was web browsing a little while ago myself and apparently, “coffee roll” can also be interchanged with the above three terms…well, at least according to one source, it can with “cinnamon roll”, (*so shouldn’t it be with the two others by default? I would think so) though it does sound rare. Seriously, however, you’ve got good taste – me, now that I’m older, I tend to avoid caramel as I find it overtly sweet, too much for my palate (with the exception of the little bit in a Twix bar) – a caramel glaze especially sounds too rich and luscious, but that’s just this stick-in-the-mud talking. True, a plain old cinnamon roll is sugary, but I’d be perfectly fine with one, paired with a thick hot chocolate (*lol, ignore the hypocrisy) – to help me unwind while watching the stream(s)…and beat the Midwest cold.


  2. Gee, this CAVE-iN episode went so very much at ease, like a meeting of old friends — which i guess is basically what it was =) It’s fun to hear everybody! If I wasn’t such a resolved lurk myself–

    Btw, have you noticed there were enough Veterinarian puns in there that — if adapted for hospital setting — could make the continuing stoooory run for half a season? =)

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  3. I just noticed a new video with Steve on You Tube – not that long, but better than no video at all. The page is called The Philadelphia Connection.


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