Friday’s Cave-In Looks To Be a Real SMASH!

Steve’s website is apparently down, and has been for the better part of a month, so it’s unclear where Weldon will live-stream (apart from YouTube, I guess?) but January’s Cave-In is set to go on as scheduled with special guest Lou Ferrigno!

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Hard to mind being hacked when the Hulk is involved…

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Okay, so here’s the thing: I’ve had a migraine for two days, so I’m playing catch-up with work. Therefore, I don’t have time now to tell you why I think this is so great (besides the obvious). When I have time, I’ll come back later and tell you why the Hulk is special to me, but I just wanted to be sure to let you know that, one way or another, the show is going on. 

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Cave-In Looks To Be a Real SMASH!

  1. Hi,

    For a more unique opener – HAPPY INTERNET FRIENDSHIP DAY! Similarly, I’m now playing catch-up with post responses (*hope was to finish them…about two weekends ago, but it’s sometimes as if fate is against my happiness, hence my frustration with life’s unpredictability).Yes, my comment on it should have preceded this one, but I’m still really intent on addressing your Jim Funko Pop! review…for once! Besides, I wish you’d gotten to speak on “Cave-In” again – Episode 6 was…different – different, yet captivating, nonetheless (and Anne, once more, it was a joy to hear you!). Equally, Ep. 6 appears to be the most insane one so far – the way I see it, at least, and therefore, (unintentionally) the shortest – ironically with the longest sketch, though — in all honesty, I don’t think anyone, SW included, foresaw the ‘eyebrow incident’ that night – I’ll add, however, that he handled it like a pro, it must’ve made for some laughs on his end too, I’d figure.

    Refocusing quickly now on the “insane” aspect, the mid-episode sketch was really something – I’d love to delve into it at this moment, but for the sake of keeping it simple, I suppose we potentially can another time, although I will say that Mr. Hulk was “MARVEL-ous” (*sorry, couldn’t help the pun, weak and unfunny as it is), he seriously was – more respect to him from me (*I’ll admit, I always knew he played Hulk, but I still haven’t had a chance to check out the old “Incredible Hulk” series…and so I further update my ‘What to Watch’ list). Correspondingly, as it was significant for you to see the original Hulk, I think it’d be a dream come true (even as I so recently realized it,) to see some of the newer Marvel/MCU actors as upcoming guest stars…if only it was possible for “you-know-who” to let that happen. My hope is that it will, but we’ll have to see – nevertheless, looking forward to your comprehensive write-up following this. Same goes for providing feedback relative to the Funko Pop! post – that review is particularly special to me, and I’ll explain why when I get to it, which should be definitely before the end of this weekend – I’m sure of it this time!

    Keep up the great work, and until then, best!

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    • Hi Saba, and Happy Friendship Day to you!

      I completely understand about life’s unpredictability/frustration. Lately I’ve only been able to post about 0.5% of what I would like to due to time constraints, work commitments, etc. Haven’t even been able to post anything new in February yet, even though I have several ideas I would like to get to soon.

      One of the posts I would like to write is why I kind of wasn’t planning to call in to Cave-In last month at all. There were several reasons: one was that there was so much to talk about that I had trouble narrowing it down. Another was that I knew there were people waiting to call in who either hadn’t talked to Weldon yet or hadn’t done so in a long time. I kind of heard a little voice in my subconscious mind that sounded sort of like my mother or one of my elementary school teachers that said, “Mary, let some of the other kids have a turn.”

      I’ve seen some episodes of the live-action Incredible Hulk series, but only as an adult. I think it was off the air when I was a kid (or else it was on a channel we didn’t receive). However, I do remember the Hulk featuring on a Saturday morning cartoon that I watched when I was a little kid and being terrified of him, yet also kind of relating to him. Which, by the way, may be part of the reason why I was terrified of him. I think he reminded me of a part of myself that I’d prefer not to think about.

      (Hey, I just realized that, without meaning to, you’ve hit upon a lot of the things that I’ve been wanting to post about, so thanks for that!)

      I don’t absolutely know this to be true, so take it with a grain of salt, but I have reason to believe that if the MCU actors were to make comic con appearances independently of promoting MCU movies, and Steve was also there, I think it is possible that they could also appear on Cave-In. Even if they were there to promote a Marvel movie, I am not sure that “you-know-who” could or would prevent them. In other words, at the very least I think that it is *possible*, but with that said, I don’t know how likely it is. So don’t hold your breath, is basically what I’m saying, but I wouldn’t completely dismiss the possibility either.

      Thanks for commenting, and have a nice weekend! 🙂

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      • I enjoyed so much reading your comments Saba and Mary. I can definitely say, I missed you on the last show I kept waiting, and then suddenly Weldon left us in total darkness. What a crazy show it was indeed. My significant other laughed through the entire show. Now I’ve got the Mic straight, and the bandwidth knowledge, which Mak Wilson helped me out with, from behind the scenes in his retirement. I feel Blessed to have this assistance. Next time, I’ll get in line and be ready, but not first, cause I had my chance, and like you said many want to speak to Weldon, for he’s so much fun. Hugs all around!!!

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