We All Win With Cave-In

Weldon’s guest on Friday’s Cave-In is Bret Iwan. For those of you who do not recognize the name (and who, like me, didn’t see the subtle emblem in the background until JUST NOW), Bret Iwan is the current voice of Mickey Mouse. 

So this oughtta be good

Last November, when I talked to Steve at GalaxyCon Minneapolis, he told me about two Cave-In inserts he had in the works. One of them was “GotHAM,” which we saw during Episode 4. This was the other one. 

I don’t know exactly what we can expect to see on Friday, and even if I did, I wouldn’t spoil the surprise. But I do know that Steve and Bret (and Weldon, of course), recorded it there in Minneapolis. 

There is also a story behind the joke contained in this Instagram post. If I recall correctly (and forgive me if I do not), Steve had never heard Bret’s last name pronounced out loud even though they had known each other for a while. Steve pronounced it “ee-wan” because that’s how it looked, and I think it was only on that trip to Minneapolis that he found out it was pronounced “eye-win.”

Last night I watched Bret Iwan’s Q&A panel from GalaxyCon Minneapolis in anticipation of this week’s Cave-In. He seems like a nice guy, obviously talented but also equally conscientious. I really hope Disney doesn’t screw him over one day. 

2 thoughts on “We All Win With Cave-In

  1. Oh yeah this will be a show to remember,and I just saw the latest Instagram.The one you show is just an appetizer. Wait till you see who is endorsing Cave In you will be flabbergasted, amazed, terrified. Will Weldon run for VP?


    • Yeah, I saw it. Between Trump and Disneyco, I honestly don’t know which is worse. But I trust that Weldon can hold his own against either or both.

      Also, Weldon as VP would be a huge improvement over Mike Pence, who honestly scares me even more than Trump sometimes because he cloaks his evil in pretended virtue while Trump wears it on his sleeve.

      (Which, now that I think about it, might suggest an answer to my initial quandary.)

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