Cave-In Episode 9: The Mouse Is Out of the Bag

Now I can tell you what Steve told me back in November about these mid-episode pieces without spoiling anything. He told me that Weldon was going to do a “Mickey Mouse Club” parody recruiting members for the Troll Mob, and then Bret Iwan was going to come in and talk to him.

I told you last week that I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and that’s true, because, as I recall, Steve didn’t go into much more detail than that. (I sort of had the mistaken idea that Bret was going to talk to Weldon as Mickey; not sure how that happened.) So I didn’t know what to expect, and I was not prepared.

When it comes to rap/hip-hop music, I’m not really a good judge of quality. The most I can say is that I know what I like, which mostly consists of Hamilton tracks. But I found the musical number very impressive, recognizable as a “Mickey Mouse Club” parody and yet entirely its own thing (and different enough not to incur spurious lawsuits).

I have a question for anyone with more expansive base of Muppet trivia than I: Have any of Steve’s Muppet characters ever rapped? Because I think I had some deja vu watching it, or maybe I just assumed that a person would have to have some prior experience to be able to do that. It’s hard to hear, but Weldon seems to mutter at the beginning, “I’m not really a rapper,” and having seen it, my response is, “I don’t know, man; I think maybe you might be.”

Overall, the whole episode was really fun. Better late than never indeed, and I’m glad he didn’t have to cancel or postpone it on account of the technical difficulties. It may have been my shortest conversation with Weldon yet, but nevertheless, I feel like I managed to actually say more than I did last month, so I’m satisfied.

And if I’ve been unsure what to talk about for the last couple months, I know exactly what I’m going to talk about next month, which is legitimately miserable but also kind of fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Cave-In Episode 9: The Mouse Is Out of the Bag

  1. I tried to leave a comment but I lost it. Darn, This site is fussy about signing in. I found this show to be delightful. Weldon’s dancing was my focus, and he reminded me of a certain famous rat singing I’m too sexy for my fur….LOL Brett Iwan and Weldon are great together. Too bad they can do do this more often. Their timing is perfect as a comedy act.. Loved all the jokes, and hidden messages, meant for those in the know. I have to find something to talk about next time, if I’m able to get on the show. Don’t wanna be a Miss Piggy.

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